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Orthopedic Medicine: Treatments & Surgery

Explore the medicine of bones and joints

Arthritis. Osteoporosis. Degenerative joint disease. Cracks, breaks, and cancer. All are conditions that affect the bones, and all are treated by specialists in orthopedics. Delve into the surgical specialties and subspecialties of this competitive field. Study trauma; pediatric issues related to growth and development; total joint replacement for the knee; and injuries of the foot, hip, and ankle. Learn the most common orthopedic conditions, how they present in the body, and the broad range of operative and non-operative treatments available. If you think orthopedics could be in your future, this course is for you.

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Program Dates

 Multiple 2- and 4-week sessions


For students ages 13+



Delve into the exciting world of orthopedics

Get a thorough introduction to orthopedics

Identify areas of the body an orthopedic surgeon treats. Learn the team members and their roles. Review non-operative tools such as splints, braces, casts, and physical therapy, as well as operations using implants such as plates, screws, and nails.

A patient’s journey

Follow patient turned orthopedic oncologist Kurt Weiss through his diagnosis and treatment of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Learn the difference between benign and malignant tumors, how they occur, and explore joint replacement, amputation, and artificial limbs.

Discover the importance of damage control in ankle and foot trauma

Learn the ABC’s of how orthopedic specialists prioritize injuries. This is critical with limb-threatening injuries or contaminated wounds. Delve into the wide array of surgical procedures when treating long bone fractures, and learn the neurovascular and muscle issues related to foot and ankle trauma.

Understand the indicators for total knee replacement

Gain insights into arthritis of the knee joint and the causes for total joint arthroplasty. Learn the types and latest techniques of replacement surgery and watch video of renowned orthopedic surgeons demonstrate both traditional and robotics-assisted surgical techniques through.

Explore pediatric orthopedic conditions

Study the range of pediatric orthopedic conditions, as well as the surgical and nonsurgical treatments for common pediatric hip disorders.

Prepare for a future in orthopedics

Topics covered in this course offer a window into the many types of jobs and professions associated with the field, including orthopedic surgeon, surgical technologist, nurse practitioner, musculoskeletal radiologist, physical therapist, orthopedic oncologist, and biomedical engineer.

How you will benefit

  • Be able to name common orthopedic conditions and at what stage of life they typically appear
  • Have a working knowledge of the subspecialties of orthopedics
  • Understand the roles of surgical and nonsurgical interventions
  • Be able to identify the different occupations of an orthopedic team
  • Develop your communication and presentation skills
  • Determine if orthopedic medicine is a field you'd like to pursue

Student completing Rochester's online orthopedic medicine course

3 Learning advantages designed for you

1. Flexible Learning

  • 100% online, works with your schedule
  • 20-25 hours of total instruction and course work, including engaging multimedia, simulations, and curated assignments for which you will receive guidance and support
  • Engage with fellow students from around the world

2. Mentoring

You’ll receive guidance from a mentor who can support you and answer questions as you deepen your learning experience. You can expect:

  • Encouragement and direction on all assignments
  • Inspiration, motivation and confidence to help you succeed
  • Brainstorming to help as you prepare for your final capstone project

3. Final Project

The course culminates with a special final project that allows you to: 

  1. Choose a common orthopedic condition and prepare a presentation for a hypothetical patient diagnosed with this condition
  2. Provide a summary of the condition, the common symptoms, and the potential operative and non-operative treatment options
  3. Anticipate questions your patient may ask and determine how you'd respond

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Orthopedic Medicine: Treatments & Surgery

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Orthopedic Medicine: Treatments & Surgery

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Orthopedic Medicine: Treatments & Surgery

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All course options, whether 2 or 4 weeks, have the identical educational content, learning materials, and number of assignments. The difference in length of course is due to time of year (not amount of instruction). We know the school year keeps you busy, so we’ve made the course longer during that time so that you can get assignments done.

Course designed by:

Thomas G. Myers, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedics, University of Rochester Medicine

Dr. Myers is a board certified, and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in total hip and knee replacement. In independent practice since 2012, he has performed thousands of successful hip and knee replacement surgeries for patients. Some of these surgeries are revision/redo/second joint replacements sent to the University of Rochester for problems following the first surgery. Dr. Myers recently co-authored the book, Orthopedic Sports Medicine - An Encyclopedic Review of Diagnosis, Prevention, and Management.

Thomas G. Myers | Orthopedics Instructor | University of Rochester

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